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Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England - Specialized Veterinary Care for Birds, Reptiles & Small Exotic Mammals

Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist

Dr. Michael Dutton

Photo of Dr. Michael Dutton and Dr. Dominique Peel, veterinarians at the Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England. Dr. Dutton is the <strong>only</strong> quadruple (4x)-certified specialists in the world with an Avian Specialty, an Exotic Companion Mammal Specialty, a Reptile specialty, and a Canine and Feline Specialty

A team based on excellence begins with one person’s vision. In 1986, Dr. Michael Dutton began serving Benson’s Animal Park in Hudson, NH as their primary veterinarian. Caring for elephants, alligators, and Siberian tigers fed his constant thirst for learning and the journey began.

Now over 30 years later, Dr. Dutton has become the first AVMA quadrupled-board certified specialist in the world with a Canine and Feline Practice Specialty, an Avian Practice Specialty, an Exotic Companion Mammal Practice Specialty, and, most recently, a Reptile and Amphibian Practice Specialty. To help further veterinary knowledge of exotic pets, he founded the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (

He regularly lectures to veterinary students, veterinary nurses, veterinarian and clubs on exotic animals and other subjects.

The Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England also volunteers its services for wildlife rehabilitators, the NH Audubon (, and the NH Fish and Game Department. While repairing the wing of a bald eagle is pretty cool, the experience this wildlife care provides the team is invaluable. The team can explore medical care options without limitations. Caring for an injured fox teaches care for other small mammals; handling endangered and threatened snakes gave the staff confidence in handling reptiles. Dr. Dutton has performed orthopedic surgeries on hundreds of raptors.

Adding this experience to his study and his team’s on-going education gives your exotic pet a team skilled and experienced like no other.

Dr. Dominique Peel

Dr. Peel joined the Weare Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2017. In May 2017, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine located in Auburn, AL. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Murray State University in Kentucky. She is a member of several veterinary associations including: The American Veterinary Medical Association, the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association, the Association of Avian Veterinarians, the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, and the American Animal Hospital Association.

She is very passionate about being involved in her community and has volunteered at various animal shelters and animal rescue organizations. While in veterinary school, she worked at Auburn University’s Small Animal Emergency Hospital and gained crucial experience. She highly values continuing education and research. She participated in several research projects during her educational career including research involving red tailed hawks. She actively pursues gaining new knowledge and experiences so she can provide exceptional care for her patients.

Her passion extends to the medicine and surgery of all companion animals and wildlife including exotic mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds. She has a special interest in ferret medicine and surgery. In addition, she volunteers her time for the NH Audubon and local registered wildlife rehabilitators. Recently, she has begun her ABVP board certification residency in exotic animal medicine and would also like to pursue board certification in surgery.

She and her partner reside in Hillsboro with their four dogs and ferret, which are all rescues. Yoshi the Cockapoo, Phoebe the Yorkshire Terrier, Ziggy the Boxer/Lab mix, Lola the Chinese Shar Pei mix, and two ferrets – Titus and Winter. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her fur babies, family and friends, as well as hiking, traveling, biking, reading, and learning new hobbies or skills.

Appointments for Birds and Exotic Pets

Give us a call at 603-529-2473 to schedule an appointment. Or, click the button below to access an online appointment request form.

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Pets We Treat

  • BIRDS (cockatiels, parrots, finches, macaws, cockatoos, parakeets, conures)
  • SMALL MAMMALS or "Pocket Pets" (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, hedgehogs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, sugar gliders, and other small rodents)
  • LIZARDS (bearded dragons, water dragons, tegus, uromastyx, geckos, chameleons)
  • SNAKES (boas, pythons, kingsnakes, and more)
  • OTHER PETS (fish including koi and goldfish, some invertebrates, turtles and tortoises, salamanders, frogs, toads, newts and others)

Our Family of Veterinary Clinics

The Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England is part of our family of veterinary healthcare facilities focused on delivering the highest quality of full-service care for all your pet’s needs.

See us at:

The Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association because we hold ourselves to a higher standard of veterinary medicine


Hours and Directions to the Clinic

Access to highly trained and accredited medical care is often limited to metropolitan areas. Now you have an option.

The Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England is located approximately two hours away from Boston, Portland ME, Burlington VT and Providence RI. Located in beautiful, rural New Hampshire, the Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England can be your destination on an enjoyable, stress-free drive.

We are part of the Weare Animal Hospital, a general animal care practice. Exotic pets and birds can also be seen at our sister facility, Hopkinton Animal Hospital.

Weare Animal Hospital Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 7:30am to 7:30pm
Wednesday and Friday: 7:30am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to noon

Weare Animal Hospital Location:
91 North Stark Highway
Weare, NH 03281
Directions to Weare Animal Hospital.

Hopkinton Animal Hospital Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:30am to 6:00pm
Wednesday: 7:30am to 7:30pm

Hopkinton Animal Hospital Location:
1325 Hopkinton Road
Hopkinton, NH 03229
Phone: 603-487-6447
Directions to Hopkinton Animal Hospital